If you thought looking great was just for women, then think again! Men are also taking great pride in their appearance. The permanent makeup for men is becoming a very popular procedure that adds beauty, help boost confidence, correct certain medical problems or simply improve the look.  It can  add missing hair in the eyebrows, hairline and facial beard area, define the eyes, correct asymmetry and add color to the lips. Any man who steps outside of his house is in the spotlight. And if you want to look your best without having to spend time on certain aspects of your look on a daily basis then a cosmetic tattoo treatment may be right for you.


For men who want natural looking eyebrows as you were born with, we recommend Microblading, which implants color and hair stroke line between your existing eyebrows to have a fuller and better shape. Eyebrows really do make a huge difference, they frame the face and make you look younger, hide scars, draw attention to the key area and take attention away from fine lines and wrinkles.


As a result of aging, lashes become lighter or are lost completely. Permanent eyeliner gives the illusion of thick lashes at the base of the lash, make eyes look larger and gives men's eyes a new, more noticeable shape and a natural, expressive look.  


When we are younger our lips are fuller and brighter in color, but these diminish naturally as we age. Lip enhancement correct asymmetry, irregular lip shapes after injuries, add color, make your lip look fuller and more youthful.